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April 29, 2021
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June 24, 2021

In Spring and Summer, Real Estate is Top of Mind

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According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate sales activity increases by approximately 34 percent and sales rise by three percent between February and March. That upward trend continues through the summer months, and it impacts the supply and demand side for properties. The busiest selling months of May, June, July, and August average 2.1 million transactions which represents 40 percent of the total annual transaction volume. So, we’re officially entering the “busy season” for real estate.

As individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and others consider real estate transactions, here are some of the issues with which our team in the Real Estate practice area are prepared to offer support.

Commercial Real Estate – From appropriate zoning considerations to development agreements, our attorneys help businesses purchase and develop the land they need.  We work closely with clients to review and resolve acquisition due diligence issues, matters of title and conveyance, and the uses of various forms of ownership.

Residential Real Estate – Investing in a home is probably one of the single largest investments most people will make. Because buying a home or investment property is a significant transaction, our attorneys prepare and review the documents and contracts and assist in the closing.   We are experienced in representing buyers and sellers interests in the issues that arise in residential deals, including seller financing and installment contract transactions.  For residential real estate transactions, clients want an experienced eye protecting their interests, especially if the purchase involves any complicating factors. For many, confidence and peace of mind makes the experience of buying a home even more exciting.

Farm Acquisition and Sales – Agribusiness is significant in the Midwest, and we understand the unique needs of modern farming operations and the agriculture business. We handle farm leasing, counseling, negotiations, and document preparations to keep our farmers feeding America.

Real Estate Financing – The group’s attorneys frequently provide counsel to regional financial institutions for real estate transactions. Being well-versed in the various forms of real estate backed financing structures and local real estate financing terms, these institutions look to us for construction and term financing.

Real Estate Leasing – In addition to buying and selling real estate, our attorneys also are experienced in representing clients in leasing residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including sale/leaseback transactions.

“Each real estate transaction is completely unique,” said WilliamsMcCarthy LLP attorney Carl Ecklund. “For some transactions, everything is pretty straightforward where others may have contract provisions that could negatively impact a buyer or seller. It’s important to have an experienced attorney representing your interests.”

For more information about our Real Estate & Environmental practice area, or to contact one of our attorneys, please call 815-987-8900.