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A copyright protects original artistic and literary works, like songs, movies, books, blueprints, and works of art. Copyright registration and enforcement is a specialized area that is best handled by experienced attorneys.

WilliamsMcCarthy can help you protect your works by registering them with the U.S. Copyright Office and by sending cease and desist letters to those who infringe upon your copyrights. Our team of experienced litigators can also sue those who violate your rights, or where necessary, defend you from copyright litigation brought against you. Our team is particularly experienced in copyright litigation over architectural works (such as blueprints), photos, and artistic works.

Many clients are surprised to know that insurance is often available to pay for the defense or judgment entered in a copyright lawsuit. We can help identify insurance policies that may apply, put the carriers on notice by tendering the suit to them for coverage, and (if necessary) litigate insurance coverage matters. In fact, many insurance companies hire members of our Intellectual Property practice group to defend their insureds in copyright suits, in which cases the defense costs are paid by the insurers, not the clients.

For more information about copyrights please contact one of the members of our Intellectual Property practice group or see the U.S. Copyright Office’s Circulars, available here:

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