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Cyber Law

Cyber Law

Technology and the internet have revolutionized the world and ushered in a whole new host of risks and liabilities. Below are some of the kinds of issues handled by attorneys here at WilliamsMcCarthy:

  • Data security and online privacy issues
  • Allegations of non-ADA compliant websites
  • Domain name disputes and cyber squatting
  • Wire fraud and phishing
  • Ransomware and cyber extortion
  • Software licensing audits and violations
  • Demands under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA, 17 USC § 1202)
  • Cable or satellite companies’ claims under the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (47 USC § 521, et seq.) and Chapter 119 of the U.S. criminal code, titled “Wire and Electronic Communications Interception and Inception of Oral Communications” (18 USC § 2511)
  • Allegations of unlawful downloading of copyrighted movies online by use of BitTorrent technology, or other peer-to-peer file sharing technology

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