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Estate Administration

Estate Administration

Our attorneys are highly experienced in the administration of estates and trusts and all associated matters. They provide comprehensive income and estate tax guidance in the administration of estates, and advise in the tax appropriate transfer of assets upon death. Our attorneys assist in all levels of the probate process, and in the transfer of all types of assets outside the confines of probate.

Estate administration attorneys have significant experience in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and state Departments of Taxation and Revenue, and are available to assist in various trust litigation matters and state and federal tax audits. They also can assist in the administration and taxation of plans involving significant balances in pension plans, profit-sharing plans, IRAs, and other forms of defined contribution and defined benefit arrangements.

Will Contents

We have extensive experience in representing clients in actions challenging a will or trust document based upon claims of lack of capacity or undue influence.

Beneficiary & Fiduciary Representation

Our attorneys routinely counsel clients with respect to their rights and duties as an estate or trust beneficiary, or as a fiduciary, such as an executor or trustee.

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Adam M. Fleming

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