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August 16, 2016
August 16, 2016

The Insurance Coverage Law Group counsels both policy holders and insurers in a variety of insurance coverage disputes.

The Group assesses and analyzes the client’s insurance policies and acts as aggressive advocates in connection with coverage disputes arising under all forms of insurance policies, including comprehensive general liability, professional liability, errors and omissions, business interruption, property and casualty insurance policies, corporate directors and officers liability policies and employers liability policies. The Group’s work in this area includes advising insurers, individuals, companies and municipal entities on insurance coverage issues relating to environmental liabilities, products liability, intellectual property including trade secret and copyright disputes, employment litigation and first-party coverage claims for property and casualty losses and business interruption losses.

Members of the Group review policies to determine coverage and to tender claims to carriers for coverage or litigation defense. The Group develops litigation strategies for the firm’s clients that integrate the presence of insurance coverage into the process in order to aggressively protect clients’ policy rights, both through negotiation and litigation in the trial and appellate courts. In appropriate cases, the Group’s attorneys also explore methods of maximizing available insurance resources through alternative dispute resolution. The Group’s work also includes the negotiation for the payment of defense costs and settlements and the litigation of bad faith and coverage disputes.

Through these efforts, the Group has successfully accessed insurance coverages for our policy holder clients in a wide range of commercial, tort and environmental claims and disputes.

Our Insurance Law Group