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June 21, 2023
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June 27, 2023

Meet our Summer Associate, Aisha Moe Lindvall

Samantha McLaughlin has joined WilliamsMcCarthy LLP, focusing on corporate transactions, estate planning and administration, real estate law, and litigation.

WilliamsMcCarthy Summer Associate, Aisha Moe Lindvall

What is a Summer Associate?

In the legal profession, summer associate positions provide law students hands-on experience working for a law firm in the summer after their first or second year of law school. These positions are opportunities to experience life as an attorney firsthand, allowing students to embed themselves in a firm to do much of the same work they will likely do as a full-time associate post-graduation.

Like an apprenticeship, the summer associates work side-by-side with our attorneys and develop an appreciation for the unique aspects of practicing law at WilliamsMcCarthy. Experiencing the culture and clients of Wilmac is not only valuable for the summer associates, but the firm also can assess the abilities of summer associates to be successful once they graduate, pass the bar, and are ready for the practice of law.

Meet Aisha Moe Lindvall

Aisha Moe Lindvall is one of two summer associates at Wilmac this year. She attends the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison. Aisha was inspired to pursue law school after reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, the story of a young, gifted attorney’s personal journey and insight into the lives of those involved in the complicated machinations of the legal system. Aisha saw in herself someone who could help those in need navigate the complicated courts system.

When planning for her summer associate position, Aisha and her husband looked for a location that their growing family could call home after law school graduation. As it so happens, Aisha’s husband is originally from Rockford and a fellow classmate had been a summer associate at WilliamsMcCarthy. Those connections paid off when she was selected for the prestigious position at the firm.

“I submitted dozens of applications and participated in multiple interviews, but the truth is, most students find their summer internships, summer associate positions, and full-time jobs through networking,” Aisha shared.

This summer, Aisha confirmed her calling in Family Law. She has enjoyed meeting the clients and supporting the talented attorneys at the firm. She’s also developed her skills in effective and efficient client communications, legal research, and navigating Illinois-specific court rules.

Outside the office, Aisha appreciates all the diversity Rockford offers. As a woman of color, she values a community where children of all backgrounds can meet people who both look like and different than them. She also loves the small things a diverse community offers. Something as simple as Valli Produce – a one-stop shop for foods, ingredients, and spices from all over the world – is a wonderful representation of the multicultural tapestry of the Rockford region.

Welcome, Aisha!